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The only difference is that bear has his crew whereas les is alone. Bear clearly stages his scenes and has a lot of outside assistance. You know he's never alone because of the camera crew, and in several episodes he admits to having the crew help him. I think they're both great, just different. What makes this show fake is that they claim to be giving survival advice when in reality they are just using the concept of "survival" to draw in a wider audience and as an excuse to perform "outrageous stunts" Bear Grylls own words. Consulting local experts or just the locals in the remote areas for up to a week in advance, having a general idea of where he'll be, having a safety crew somewhere within several miles usually, having a sat phone which works most of the time. The objectives of the two TV shows are to teach people how to survive in extreme conditions, not to compare who's tougher or who's being more real.

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It does look like the Discovery Channel is conducting an investigation though.

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Bear Grylls - Nude, Uncut, And Shaved

Some examples of this deception include:. If you were to suggest to me that climbing down into a crevasse to then find my way out through a sub glacier stream if lost on a glacier, I would suggest you were already 'lost' in more ways than one. A NY Times blog is reporting that many of the situations on the Man vs. I don't like the unnecessary emphasis on finding sources of animal protein in Man vs Wild. And as for eating snakes and bugs - calm down, by Bear eating one of them isn't going to do any more damage than you eating your steak or chicken and driving your car around Here is a behind the scenes video at discovery.

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fakes de bear grylls desnudo
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fakes de bear grylls desnudo
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