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Before he could say anything, she lunged forward and through herself against him; planting her sprayed palms against his broad chest as she pushed him into a deserted classroom. It was like a caged lion had been locked within him but now was suddenly allowed to roam free and had set its gaze on her. Even the flowing grey drapes of her knee length skirt seemed to amplify her beauty, its dark fabric highlighting her smooth, milky skin as she slowly began to walk towards him. She would show him just how strong she really was. However, it seemed her bluff had been called even before she had played it; the footage was now worth its weight in gold and by no stretch of the imagination could she imagine herself sharing it with a couple of giggling strumpets. Although he wouldn't say she was openly hostile, Videl had certainly been suspicious of him; treating everything he did like it were that vital piece of evidence she'd need to put him away. Her tightly wound limbs kept him pressed against her and while her one hand was stirring his arousal to life, the other ensured he could not escape by tangling in his hair and pulling his head down so she could kiss him deeper.

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Ever since ' Chobby's ' parents had lain siege to Satan city, he'd had to suffer through his mother and brother's persistent quizzing; well Goten had ceaselessly pestered him, his mother had spent her time muttering about how she should never of let her sons play with monsters.

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Fortunately, while Videl may have had a head start over him; the delicious aroma of wild flowers led him to her like a moth to the flame. After all, what could Videl really want from him? The though made Gohan's heart race with excitement and a triumphant breath left his lips as he felt his Saiyan blood burn; now at last, the final curtain could be pulled and he would be granted his much needed release to mark her forever. Just In All Stories: In-fact, he'd been so caught up in trying to overhear what was being discussed that he wound up losing track of time and was now seriously late for school. Faint scars were dotted across his skin like the tinny blemishes on a work of art, in any sense they were the only real sign that he wasn't a physical symbol of perfection but somehow, the faded marks only made her core burn with a furious intensity.

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