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Will he be loyal to me again? So, what is it? Your infidelity broke their trust completely. I broke his heart and i am ashamed of myself. Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me almost 2 months ago.

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Your infidelity broke their trust completely.

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Get Your Ex Back After You Cheated (Even If You Don’t Deserve It)

Things went left such as yelling and mean comments and then took my watch and saw I was talking to their girls and possibly cheated. My ex took me back after that ended and I gave it my all but I wasn't getting the same back, so she said she is unsure if she can trust me. And your ex is not any different. Bottom line is i love her and it's been a year and she's still saying the same stuff. Nor is it about crucifying your ex girlfriend in your mind. Give him some space for now to let go of the negative emotions he has towards you before trying to win him back again.

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  1. Alledgedly she's gay and had issues with her girlfriend about making videos so she stopped. Just reddit chatter though, don't know how true it is.