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Earle Nelson was a real piece of work. I think those adverts are being phased out now, but I still pop up now and then. I should probably mention that. They were directing me from up there, asking me to look more anguished, or more angry, or asking me to rearrange myself because my testicles were in shot. I stand innocent before God and man. If the body fluids of a recently dead body do not have a direct access to another persons bloodstream, there will not be a risk of infection.

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Hospital security guard caught having sex with woman's corpse, authorities say

Then, in autumnI got an email from a friend in Berlin saying: As to the pathologist amputating this thumb, he did not do this, nor would it have significantly reduced his chances of infection. While many serial killers take a sick pride in their work, necrophiliacs rarely promote the fact that part of their sickness is the desire to make love to a corpse. It is not a substitute for professional care. He sliced his thumb with a scalpel, which caused the transfer of the virus from the dead body to his.

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