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And so she says she was looking for some guy named Greg. But I guess you can't expect good manners from a naked Cheetos-chomping intruder. When the police arrived, Evelyn tried to explain, saying that a man told her to break into the house. Freda was upset by the sight of the naked Cheetos-chomping intruderand decided to call the police. Unfortunately, we're all someone else to someone else.

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The homeowner and the suspect told authorities they did not know each other.

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Homeowner finds naked intruder in tub, eating Cheetos

When Freda discovered the nude woman, she was sitting in the tub, munching Cheetos - as you do - which she plucked from a plate of food on the toilet. Imagine if I was here. And I'm assuming Evelyn got to keep the clothes. It would have been really bad. Washington was charged with simple burglary and simple criminal damage to property. And as Calvin's Mom pointed out, "Unfortunately, we're all someone else to someone else.

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nude guy with cheetos
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