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Geez, get over it". There are lots of "western" people who are very comfortable with nudity. To clarify the writer. Dont the Germans have a lot of nudist beaches? Japan culture in general was more lax when it comes to sex before Christian ideology came. What if your discomfort is based on how your particular society views the body?

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Why Japanese people are comfortable with nakedness

That's why public hair must be blotted out not just in pornography but in main stream western films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattooetc. By doing so, you will also receive an email inviting you to receive our news alerts. Secret cruise rules you need to know. As others have said, there is a big gap between public, as in general public, and pseudo-public places and tolerance for skin. Then we had the Catholic church's version of the mosaic - the fig leaf. The water is steaming hot and the tub deep, typically up to ones neckline.

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