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In an attempt to extend her global domination, she has lately franchised her virginity to Hollywood, with Britney's sexual initiation providing a major plot strand in her movie debut Crossroads, already a hit in the US and due to be released next month in the UK. From her breakthrough performance aged 17 singing Baby One More Time while half-dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, to her latest gushy power ballad, I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, Britney has teased her way to the top of a pop empire, selling in excess of 50 million albums. Her own thing, for now, is focusing on finishing her latest album. Perhaps it shouldn't matter, but the virgin vamp dichotomy was a large part of her image, and it couldn't last forever. Rock and Jazz Music. In Rock and Jazz Music.

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Britney is Innana, Ishtar, Aphrodite and Venus all rolled into one pneumatic package.

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Britney: the goddess of virginity

It certainly cannot make home life with her boy band paramour, Justin Timberlake of 'Nsync, very easy. To understand the all-pervasiveness of this jumped-up cheerleader, we might recognise that Britney has become entangled with one of the most powerful myths of womankind, encompassing apparently contradictory aspects of femininity. Sex and the City. Clearly, she feels confident enough to move on to the relative sexual sophistication represented by Sex and the City, a series in which liberated modern American women have nothing to do but shop and copulate and sit around talking about shopping and copulating. Rock and Jazz Music. Monday 19 November THE announcement this week that Britney Spears, the supposedly chaste queen of teen pop, is to take a role in the erotically-orientated sitcom, Sex and the Citydoes not surprise me in the least.

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britney spear virginity
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britney spear virginity
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