Lose all interest after orgasm

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Is it normal for a 13 year old boy to have an erection? I'm in 8th grade i just turned Take a commitment for self-pleasuring with internal stimulation for 2 months. The United States of Stress. It seems like I am more like an older guy. Refractory period - Wikipedia Coolidge effect Wikipedia.

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Related Questions Is it normal to get your period one day after you had sex?

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Orgasm Crash Cycle: Why He Loses Interest After Sex & What You Can Do About It

After I ejaculate, I lose all interest in sex and don't feel like doing it again, is this normal? What is sexual energy? It usually takes me an hour or so before I regain sexual desire. Once the feeling is gone you need to start over. If you're not clear on that, research the different kinds of porn until you find "the one", the holy grail of porn that gets you hard, and keeps you hard! Sign up for our Sexual Health Newsletter!

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lose all interest after orgasm
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lose all interest after orgasm
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