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Forget cotton vaginathe oft-reported and subsequently debunked side effect for smoking weed that went viral earlier this year. The Secrets of Self-Control: In fact, one study of young mothers in Jamaica reported that while smoking while pregnant is widely discouraged, many mothers do partake in the ganj on occasion, claiming that it helped manage their nausea and stress. Researchers analyzed data from two large national surveys of the American population, which together included some 52, participants. The association between pot smoking and lower risk of obesity remained strong even after adjusting for other factors that could influence body fat and health, such as cigarette smoking, age and gender. After a 6-month closure, Boracay, Philippines, reopens as a cautious tropical paradise.

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Sex therapist Ian Kerner says the reported aphrodisiac effects of smoking pot before sex likely have a lot to do with the fact that marijuana decreases anxiety and lowers inhibitions, causing women to let their guards down during sex.

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Marijuana Slims? Why Pot Smokers Are Less Obese

While there's no hard data as to whether more women than men are smoking weed to manage anxiety, Leah, 29, says she started smoking weed precisely for that reason: That could make it look like marijuana is slimming. It helps a ton with the crazy cramps and headaches I get since I've been off the pill. The Secrets of Self-Control: Franklin, Tennessee, has the whiskey and war history to rival Nashville. After she went on hormonal birth control years ago, her sex drive totally disappeared, causing tension between her and her boyfriend. While one study suggests that smoking pot while pregnant increases the risk of the fetus developing cognitive impairment, there's not enough evidence to determine whether or not that's true.

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smoking weed and fat naked girls
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