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Very long nails on an almost 18 year old teen boy.? The teenager has no intentions in cutting them anywhere in the near future while she hopes to be able to grow them for years and years. If he was using them to snort coke, why would he need all of them long? Now her mother is shopping to stop her daughter getting a boyfriend. Anything but my nail. Might be into role playing and his character has long nails. Answer Questions Beasts grow really slow in teenage years dont they?

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Teen boy, very long nails....., thoughts?

Her obsession with long nails first began inwhen she started painting her nails and wanted to see them grow longer. Maybe he's taking up the guitar. Maybe you could have kindly offered to help him trim them. I took the morning after pill and have missed my period for 4 months is it Normal? How would you feel if someone asked you if they could help you lose weight, or cut all of your hair off? Aggggh brings back hs memories for me. Maybe it was a dare from his "friends".

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  1. the best thing about her vids is that there is none of the BS "stepmom" shit...