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When I was allowed to join this part of the household, I always found it warm, informal, animated. But the same thing is true of both the Christian Bible and the Jewish Talmud; and I personally know quite a number of Muslim gays and lesbians who, like LGBT Christians and Jews, regard the homophobic texts of their religion as irrelevant to their standing before God. Though lesbian sex in the Middle East is mostly illegal, there is less evidence of official persecution than in the case of gay men. She had left several other office jobs for similar reasons. Egypt brought to my mind pyramids, tombs and hieroglyphics. Article originally published in Diva magazine, July Arab society does not seem patterned along these lines.

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The nuclear family — the term was coined only in the 20th century — appeared in Western Europe and New England as late as in the 17th century, under the influence of the Christian church and theocratic governments.

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It did seem to me that several of my colleagues went out of their way, through comments they made, to let me know they had no problem with my sexuality. While the police in some countries, such as Egypt, have made determined efforts to track down gay men, lesbians seem to be prosecuted mainly if their sexual activity comes to light as a result of other investigations. Though homosexuality — both male and female — is generally a taboo subject in the Middle East, there is plenty of evidence that all-woman action is more common than people imagine, and much of it takes place under the noses of unsuspecting husbands. I expect there will be many differences from Western feminisms — possibly, for example, less concentration on individual rights and more emphasis on the wellbeing of the community. This was clearly unfair and — yes — awkward. He will be satisfied just to know she is not spending her time with men.

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