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Truth is in the house, She must be in some luck. Now You See My Life 3. Baby, baby, ima make you drip drop. I want to feel them legs, Because it ain't time for sex. All these girls want sex from me.

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I rub your body down, make it melt like butter.

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Oh, Look who's back with his favorite transvestite. Jump on my dick and pop it yea Get a little bitch a deposit yea [Cardi B] Came through drippin' drip drip Came through drippin' drip drip Came through drippin' drip drip Diamonds on my wrist, they drippin' [Offset] Bitch you a thot, ain't trickin' thot, thot Put her on her knee, make her lick it lick it Patek on my wrist, and it's glistenin' drip, drip The bitch got mad, I dissed her hey [Takeoff] Takeoff Came through drippin', I ain't never slippin' I'm a pimp Fuckin' with a quarter million nigga, what a feelin' Abort the mission, nigga, let me tellin Splash, took a bitch to Piccadilly Water in my ear, gave a nigga wet willie Came through drippin', spillin' Walkin' with the bag Tryna get all my niggas a milli, stack it to the ceilin' Shootin' at civilians I'm the one dealin', I could make a killin' Bags, can you smell her when I Vac-seal it? Don't say a word, let me demonstrate, lay it on my dinner plate. In the back sittin' V. I hope she ain't think we're dating. Girl ima slowly kiss your neck. El Alfa Ring feat.

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let it drip and lick it up
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