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Maybe Vi's nascent police faculty read something new in Caitlyn's walk. Caitlyn had many valid reasons for offering Vi work but they were irrelevant. I had no purpose either. It was nice just being held. I didn't even have that. Breathing a little heavier with the fresh discomfort of her stitches, Vi grinned like a wolf.

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She wanted to control and savour this wonderful vertigo but any attempt to deny her orgasm just made it worse. I just wish you'd stop doing things that make you hotter. If you love me, you'll find an ambulance and get some oxygen! Caitlyn would look positively dashing in a top hat and tailcoat and… oh God, the ring, Vi could see the ring. I had no purpose either. Vi needlessly revved the engine of their bike, filling the garage with smoke. She could buy a six-pack and drink more but adding a thumping hangover to her beating sounded hellish.

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caitlyn and vi sex
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caitlyn and vi sex

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