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Eragon was sure he couldn't last much longer as almost every time he plunged deep into Arya it drew a hiss of pleasure which increased the pooling heat to an almost unbearable level. Her eyes settled on Eragon, before going so wide that Eragon feared she would leap from fright at their close proximity. Arya slowly pushed herself down, forcing his member into her tight asshole. This latest effort to push Arya over oblivion met with another scream but nothing seemed to come out. Are you sure there isn't anything else you might want?

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Their frantic breathing continued for a few minutes, and once he was certain he could move without falling, Eragon picked himself off of Arya, only to fall back beside her on his bed.

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Eragon Arya nude

I feel like a child sucked into the feud that has happened for seventy years between mother and a daughter, Eragon thought. She ran her finger over the fairth delicately, and Eragon wondered at what was passing through her mind. The Rider heaved a sigh and pulled off his tunic having an inkling that things were about to get real messy around here. Responding in her native tongue, he said, "Which part, Arya? Knowing that it was Saphira, Eragon opened his mind to her, feeling multiple emotions flash across their bond at such a pace that he was unsure of exactly what he had felt. With a small grin, Eragon took Arya gently by the shoulders and walked her over to where Saphira lay still with her area in full view.

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