Why do men fantasize with pantyhose

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There are Singaporean men who have female sweat fetish and enjoy getting a whiff of sweaty female exercise attire. This is actually changing. However, pantyhose issue aside, I believe that what I have to say may give a very generalized understanding of what women see in a man—pantyhose or not. Two, men are becoming increasingly aware of how objectification has been damaging to both men and women. Thus, I feel the safest place to start in terms of attire would have to be the most conservative.

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And do you still wear pantyhose nowadays?

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What do Singaporean Men Desire when it Comes to Sex?

I love my wife and I know does everything to help me in my fetish pantyhose world. My hope for men who would openly wear pantyhose is that they not get so caught up in the thrill that they lose sight of their overall look. Do I find my husband appealing? Yes, but not because he is wearing pantyhose. Men are getting used to seeing women without pantyhose and are growing fond of bare legs.

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