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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The structure of the main riff is that of the twelve-bar blues. Retrieved 1 August Only Page and bassist John Paul Jones play the tune's Drop-D blues-based riff with Bonham's drums—as a power trio—at the very beginning and the very end of the tune, leaving the remainder open for Bonham alone. Der Ochse in der Roggensemmel und andere Musikanekdoten in German.

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Bonham's drum solo was often played at Led Zeppelin concerts from the first American tour in Novemberbeing his solo performance showcase on concert tours through The last time "Moby Dick" was played by Led Zeppelin was on July 17, at the Seattle Kingdome, and can be found on various audio and video bootleg recordings. Hammer of the Gods: Over this period it went through three different name changes. When played live, Bonham's drum solo would last as little as 6 minutes or, more frequently, as long as 20 minutes, while the rest of the band would leave the stage after having played the introduction. It was also included on the film's accompanying soundtrack. Studio outtakes from the Led Zeppelin II sessions reveal that the drum solo recorded was edited down from a much longer version.

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