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In Pakistan and India subcontinent as wholeheadquarters of Prostitution have been established by So called muslim fellas. Therefore, in order to limit the damage such individuals can do it is the duty of the society at large to put controls on such things in order to limit access to them. Aisha February 29, Walaikum Assalaam, I just want to thank you for the step that you have taken and want to assure you that we are with you. In India, people have access of Internet in rural areas also both in mobile and broadband.

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Here is a list of some of these bans that we have succeeded in dodging through the years:.

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13 ‘Fun' Things That Were Banned In Pakistan But You Found A Way To Get Them

You can not control it by taking measures individually, this is a social dilemma and society has to work together to keep away our youth and future generations. When iblees takeover on my soul I want to not have an option to do this gunnah. But this all lasted for a decade or two after creation of Pakistan. It is of no interest to her judges that a rape resulted in a conception. This article originally appeared on ProPakistani and has been reproduced with permission. Watching porn is probably due to the stricken restrictions in Pakistan, which grows into state of addition as time pass. Stay away from it.

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legal pornsite in pakistan
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legal pornsite in pakistan
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