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In order to preserve their profit and their ability to surveil everyone? Go on Google Images and search for: Think about it, are Adsense ads any more or less "offensive" than banners? That's what I thought when one of my mates, Vinay Patankar, gave me a copy of his course: Being Rich, College, and Fucking: Google systematically evades EU taxes and legislation. You know who knows the exact address of the restaurant we're meeting at tonight?

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More than likely, you are pissed at Google about something and were hoping you could come here and vent.

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Don't let Google take over Berlin!

Being Rich, Google, and Memes: Because I have made tens of thousands of dollars using Google to make blogs, web sites, serve advertisements and make money online. Google evades EU taxes and legislation! I googled it all, and it Take a look at EFF's surveillance self-defense guide. Google helps defending a vision of an archaic copyright regime abused as a tool for censorship. Software is invisible but present in every aspect of our lives.

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what the fuck is google
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what the fuck is google
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