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But, even if Rapp's social critique gets lost under the squalor, he shows a strange, humorous compassion for these two no-hopers. In a sense, Rapp, now in his mids, has been living down a bad boy reputation since his youth. Set in a rundown SRO, the story centers on the deteriorating relationship between Froggy, a drug addict and former stripper with hepatitis, and Baylis, a gulf war veteran with a drug problem of his own and numerous other health issues, including a humiliating inability to control his bowels. This is unfortunate since the hero, Baylis, is incontinent. The piece seems to echo Larkin in its celebration of the survival of love, while bleakly acknowledging that sometimes love isn't enough to save us. There is a filthy mattress on the floor, an indescribable mess of dirty clothes and empty bottles, and no sanitation. The multi-talented star tells us what it's like to voice a bug-eyed purple frog in the animated film.

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Bush Theatre ; Regent's Park

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Lindsay Lohan Stiffs a Stripper and Kristin Chenoweth Explains Her Froggy Voice

Rapp has also recently finished a novel aimed at an older audience -- a "comic chronicle of failure" with a year-old protagonist -- that he says will come out in the next year or so. Yet Froggy, whom he met at the strip club, adores him even though Baylis sometimes knocks her about. I saw the toll it took on him, and a lot of that anger and frustration was unleashed a few years later. But then again, I'll probably never have a time as exciting as this again. Why Voice-Over Acting is 'Harder Than People Think' The multi-talented star tells us what it's like to voice a bug-eyed purple frog in the animated film.

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