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Original and alternate ending for the episode. The subtle overtones of honeysuckle in Elzar's cooking remind Morbo of a spring morn'. As everyone goes inside, the shack expands. After having nailed Bender to the wall, Fry explains that he wants to listen to some homeless guy, because he makes some really good points. Bender gives Tinny Tim some liquor, after which he asks Tim to give him five dollars, which he can't pay, and thus Bender labels it as stolen. Volumes 7 and 8.

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Leela asks Hermes why he told that the papers he gave them had value at Xmas, at which Hermes responses that they had sentimental value.

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A depressed Fry plays his holophonor on the bridge in Central Park. Fry asks Zoidberg why he is such a suck up, to which he responds that he loves people who are above him. Mom, in her matron disguise, points out the felon before fainting. Fry and Michelle are seen on a picnic on several asteroids. Bender tells a different story as he becomes wood. After the trilobots destroy the Planet Express shipBender remarks that while they are stranded to die, it is more important to note that he was correct about robots ' ability to evolve. After telling Tinny Tim he is quitting the Robot MafiaTim explains that they'll kill him for that, but Bender explains that he has changed his identity his serial number.

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