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Podcast 'I live in the 21st century, not the 10th': Having boy sex slaves or child brides should not be seen as badges of honour. Members of national security agency listed as potentially responsible for killing student. A word with Naseema Assada. According to the UN, most surgeries on intersex babies amount to torture.

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Steven Burkeman and Jane Ghosh say supervisors should be more careful not to let PhD candidates get into dangerous situations.

Middle East and North Africa

What are some of the assumptions those in the West have about sex and the Middle East? A vibrant underground continues to flourish in private, and sometimes even in the open, in the local, strongly rooted communities I have lived and worked in, despite the strange, faceless, sexless rules the minority fundamentalists want to put over public life. However, it is very difficult to make broad generalizations about the whole region, and that is precisely what the book tries to show. This creates a whole climate where everything is haram forbiddenayb shameful. Polish women counter Nazis on the streets. Italy names Egyptian agents as murder suspects.

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