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But men can never ignore pretty women no matter how many times they catch them lying or manipulating or doing stupid things. Wish they had killed Kate. A friend of mine posted a Lost reference and I typed my favorite quote and mentioned my Kate hate. Kate Austen is my favorite character, and she is amazing, and many others would agree with me. Like in the last season when she leaves the temple to go look for Sawyer I guess so she can fuck him now that Juliet is dead the black guard stops her from setting off a trap. And she is Discustin'! I think people hate Kate because of this:

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I guess it was a combo of a mutliverse and dead out thing.

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JJ Abrams ‘sorry’ for Evangeline Lilly Lost nude scene

Kate is upset about Sawyer and Juliet. Jate by the ocean: Jack gives the Michael the benefit of the doubt when he agrees to Michael's super specific plan to attack the Others. Can't remember if there's Jate in this one either. I think she gives women a bad name and the producers should be sued by a feminist organization to remove her from the show. Binge watching Lost again on Netflix.

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