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Andrea manages to dodge three the rockets that were coming after her at once, which she makes her proud of herself. The girls see the titlescreen and are greeted by an image of a goddess with large breasts. These slut got plugged 20 min. Previous video s Among the Sleep 3 Octodad: Josh B fucking me from behind. The girls eventually get past the obstacle course and to the final turret, freeing Kayla. The girls have trouble going through the next obstacle course, Mackenzie commenting that the odd shape of the breasts it still distracting to her.

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Sydney continues to struggle at the first part, as Mackenzie realizes that the "balls" are boosters for the jetpack. Sydney laughs at this, while the other girls just finds it wrong and disturbing, Renae saying that she prefers to save turtles and Mackenzie saying that it's basically changing from "save a goddess" to "save a pussy". Aged aunty fuckking with 18 years old devar at Red Amateur Tube 3 min. Renae predicts that the rocket is going to go to the goddess's crotch, but it goes to her thigh. Sydney and Andrea appear to have the most trouble, Andrea smacking the controller in her palm in frustration, while Sydney just laughs at every failure. Andrea continues to be distracted by the lack of nipple, blaming it for making her flying straight into a lava ball. Andrea comments that the point of the game is to play for porn, as Sydney repeatedly jumps on and off of the blocks, saying that she gets too nervous when she lands.

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