How to do sexercises for women

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Keep core engaged and chest up during the entire movement. Just because you're not in the Cirque Du Soleil or on the cheerleading squad doesn't mean that leg flexibility isn't important. Again without standing up, turn the lunge to the other side and then rise up on your front leg and kick your back leg straight out right. Keep your hands positioned a little more than shoulder-width part, with your fingertips facing forward. Agility, coordination, and a good sense of humor make you a natural when it comes to this fancy footwork. In addition, you can hold a weighted jug above your head, which also works out your abs. Do not use your arm strength to lift the water jug — your legs and pelvis should only initiate the water jug to move.

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Just remember to continue challenging your body by gradually increasing the weight or number of reps as you get stronger.

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The 19 Best Exercises for Women

Use a wall or a good friend to help you stay up. Tone Up for Your Two-Piece. This move is the perfect mix of strength, balance, and flexibility with the added bonus of pretending you get to kick someone's lights out you know you can think of someone you'd like to kick! She's also a diet expert and amateur bodybuilder who credits her active lifestyle for keeping her healthy and happy. Move as fast as possible between moves for maximum calorie burn. Slowly, contract your biceps and use your forearm to bring the jugs upward in a curling motion. Immediately jump back the other direction and continue alternating until you feel the burn.

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how to do sexercises for women
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how to do sexercises for women
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