Powder coating and stripper

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We would either restrip and fallout again or eventually start placing the stubborn one in B If you use the B17, remember to be careful. We then made a decision to go with General Chemical's WheelStrip which is a very similar product to the greensolv. You don't want any junk getting inside of the engine. It is water based, has almost no smell but it not nearly as stong as any of the others we have tried.

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PS-1L is by no-means safe to handle carelessly, but if you do ever happen to slip up and get drop of it on your skin, you will have time to get to a sink and wash it off before it burns and leaves scars.

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E-Coat Stripper

Of course if you are using an alkaline stripper, mild acids such as vinegar or cheap lemon juices can help neutralize. Repeat this process until all of the powder coat is removed. Sean Castle July 22, at 9: It will contain the smell and will stop the evaporation of the chemical. Solvent used widely as a cleaning fluid, especially in dissolving oils. Sean Castle November 14, at

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powder coating and stripper
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powder coating and stripper
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