Why do girls hiss when they piss

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You can either let it trickle out or gently push it out, which makes it go super fast. Is that what you're talking about OP? What is a dual-mass flywheel? What Guys Said Have you ever make an attempt to change or quiet the sound of your pee hissing?

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Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. You owe me 22 years worth of birthday and Christmas presents, bitch. The secrets of the female body finally revealed But I don't want to sit and watch a video of your fetish. She will come in to the bathroom and go for a pee while I'm in the shower, but with a steamed up door, I see only a shadowy shape, so that's fine. Dude, seek help and go to a deserted island where there are no women.

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why do girls hiss when they piss
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why do girls hiss when they piss

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